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My name is Puck and I'm the Lacey's Watcher. I have been playing The Sims since the year 2000 and I had never been able to get past Gen 2, so when I created the Laceys in September 2019 - almost by accident - I had no hope of them becoming an actual long-lasting legacy. But for some reason, I got hooked as their story unfolded! Right now I'm on Gen 11, which means the Legacy Challenge is actually achieved...but I have no plans to stop! 

My playstyle is a mix of gameplay and storytelling. But don't expect intricate storylines here. I don't like to rely on poses, so I basically play the game but take my liberties when interpreting what's going on. 

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my Legacy, and I hope you enjoy your stay! 

Happy simming!



Lacey Legacy Archive

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