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Frequently asked questions

Do you use any default replacements?

Yes! I use the following replacements for skintones, eyes and teeth: 

  • Skin replacements by Luumia [x] (I have also used virtuchem in the past [x])

  • Opal Eyes replacements by uglytownie [x]

  • EA teeth begone [x]

Where do you get your sims's blush?

You can find them here: 

Where do you get your CC?

I have many favorite CC creators! Some of my top ones are joliebeanice-creamforbreakfastrenorasimssimstrouble and storylegacysims. If you want to know where to get any specific piece of CC you cna ask me in Twitter! 

Hoe do you edit your screenshots?

I use reshade and photoshop!

I also recommend checking out these: 

How do you take your sims' family photos in-game?

I have a short tutorial about it here

What mods do you use?

Please see the Mod List section of the site for this!

Do you have a rule list for your legacy challenge?

The short answer is I don’t play challenges and my legacy only follows very basic rules lol For me, rules do not make the game more fun and they stress me out!  My Legacy challenge follows these basic rules: 

  • First born is the heir

  • I try to focus each generation on one big feature (e.g. gen 1 was base game career, gen 2 was active careers, gen 3 was college and robotics, gen 4 was archeology, gen 5 was painting and eco living, gen 6 was strangerville and military, gen 7 was witchcraft, etc.)

  • My legacy heir gets one Potion of Youth at the end of their life, and they can use it however they want. Only one potion per generation though! 

  • Resurrection is dark magic: dead sims stay dead and cannot be resurrected unless they (i) get the life essence of another sim through a vampire or a cowplant; and (ii) change one of their traits for the evil trait.

  • When my sims die they go to the Sylvan Glade (a separate save where aging is off and they remain young forever). 

Do you have any tips to make the game fun or play a legacy?

To be honest I’m not really sure how to make a legacy or the game “fun” hahaha I think it’s really subjective so what’s fun for me may be boring for you! I think the most important thing is for you to have fun with the game, and if you do, the legacy will surely last!

I’ve found the following helps:

  1. Share your legacy. I have more fun when I share what’s going on in my save because it makes it feel more real to me if that makes sense xD What I do is I play my game, and try to think like my sims would think, make them do stuff that’s not just skill and eat, etc. And of course adding little snippets of “conversation” also helps a lot because it builds their personality too!

  2. Aging ON and shorter lifespan. I know it’s tempting to play on a longer lifespan when you get attached to your sims but that makes the game so boring for me. New sims mean new stories, new worlds, new features etc. So I play on a relatively short lifespan (and I just turn aging off for college or when I absolutely need more time for a specific storyline). Otherwise, clock is ticking!

  3. I try to focus on one big game feature each generation (see above). And I try to explore it to the fullest. That way I remain invested and also have something to look forward to next generation!

Also take into account that it takes time for a legacy to find its footing, shape and form. Gale’s generation (Gen 1) was quite different from the rest. You just find your style little by little as you play and post! So don’t stress too much about it and just enjoy the ride! :D

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