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My Mod List

Fixing TS4 one mod at a time

This is my Sims 4 recommended mods list for improved game play. I haven’t listed ALL of my mods here (there are a lot of smaller ones that I use), but the ones that are vital to my gameplay. 

Last Update: 18 April 2022

1.- Aspirations

  • Lifetime Aspirations: makes aspirations less of a tutorial and more of a lifetime goal like in previous games. I use it together with the Personality Mod (see below). 

2.- Personality / Emotions

  • Whim overhaul: makes whims more relevant to the sims’ personalities and adds new whims (since this feature was abandoned by EA). Use together with the Personality Mod.

  • The Personality Mod: brings back the old TS2 aspirations (romance, family, fortune etc.) in the form of reward traits which will affect your sims whims. 

  • Trait overhaul: makes traits more relevant.

  • Autonomous Parenthood actions. Makes some parenthood actions autonomous. 

  • Have Some Personality Please: improves sims’ autonomous actions; removes idle conversation so that sims do not “idle chat” but actually perform autonomous interactions with each other. I use the restricted romance version.

  • First impressions: uses the sentiments system to add first impressions when sims meet. I use it as a proxy for an attraction system too.

  • Contextual Social interactions: adds new social interactions when contextually relevant (announce promotion, apologize about cheating, confess to cheating, etc). 

  • Automatic preferences: you will no longer have a say on whether or not your sim gets a new preference - they will just get it and you will receive a notification to let you know

  • Hobby mod: brings back TS2 style hobbies. 

  • Talent and weaknesses: gives your sims skills they are good and bad at.

  • Character values overhaul: makes the character values system bette,r by making traits affect character values, and rebalancing them. 

  • Life milestones: adds milestones for each lifestage, such as teething for toddlers or midlife crisis for adults. 

  • Lifetime quirks: This mod makes it so Sims develop new Quirks over time that make their life more complicated. These can be physical maladies, emotional and mental problems, or fixations and obsessions.

  • Preferences plus: This mod provides 27 additional hobby preferences, 10 new outfit preferences, 13 new venue preferences, 8 personal preferences and 23 general interests.

3.- Romance & Pregnancy

  • Open Love Life: sims have a preference for exclusive or non-exclusive relationships and can have open relationships. 

  • LGTB mod: adds many LGBTQ+ gameplay traits to your game which provide new interactions and buffs to create a more in depth experience for your sims. 

  • Road to romance: adds a lot in terms of romance. But my favorite is that sims can now ask friends for advice in relation to their romantic problems, and they can get advice to dump their partners! I love to use those prompts to guide my gameplay 

  • Woohoo wellness and pregnancy overhaul: adds SO MUCH, like sims wanting or not wanting to have kids, bonding with unwanted children, etc. I don’t use the STD modules, just the ones related to pregnancy and adoption.  

4.- Better Gameplay / Harder Gameplay

5.- Misc mods

  • Fixes by Zero: there are SO many small quality of life fixes here. I would recommend you check their Patreon (it's all free) and pick what you need.

  • Fixes by LittleMsSam: same here. There's just too many to list but you can find those that add value to your gameplay easily!  

6.- Mods I no longer use

  • Meaningful Stories: reworks the emotion system, so that emotions are more lasting and impactful. A sim won’t be able to flip from intense sadness to intense happiness without passing through the emotions in-between. Also removes happy moddlets related to decor and adds emotional inertia. 

  • Chance of miscarriage [NO LONGER USED. I was having too many miscarriages just because the sim was tired at the end of the dat but would recommend it for a medieval save or something - also this is now included in the Pregnancy Wellness mod as an optional module].

My MCCC Settings

These are my current MCCC settings. Please note that when I play ONLY my legacy family (but not distant cousins etc) are PLAYED and ACTIVE households. The rest (distant family, townies, etc) are tagged as UNPLAYED and INACTIVE in the Household Manager. I want the game to progress the lives of UNPLAYED households only, but don’t want it to mess with my Legacy family. 
*Settings not listed are left as default.*

DISCLAIMER: I am not the creator of any of these mods and I do not offer support on them. I am linking to the most recent download I’ve found as of the date of this page’s last update (below) but please always check that you’re downloading the most up-to-date version and that the mod is still supported before downloading. 

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