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Welcome to the Lacey Legacy Archive!

So, after a lot of consideration, I decided to create this blog to archive my Lacey Legacy posts!

For the moment, Gens 1 to 7 will remain on Tumblr, and this blog will start with Gen 8 (transferring all the previous Gens would take me the whole year). But all the links to the previous gens are neatly linked in this very site, if you click on "The Legacy", Also at the beginning of Gen 8 there's a summary of all the previous generations, so I thought it was fitting!

I have also added links to the fmaily tree, my mod list, my FAQ, etc.

I hope you enjoy this format! Don't worry I'll still post everything on Twitter. This is just a way for everything to be easily accessible to catch up or revisit in the future.

Thanks as always and happy simming!


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