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Gale Lacey

Gale Lacey doesn't know she's about the start a Legacy that will last for generations to come. Will she fulfill her dream of becoming a writer? And will she find a decent partner to have pretty red-headed babies with?

Primrose Lacey

Aspiring police officer Primrose is the first heir born in game, and she knows most legacies are usually cancelled in Season 2. Will she be able to keep our attention with her love triangle with Klaus and Cam?

Trianna Lacey

Trianna Lacey is ready to be the first Lacey to graduate university. She is determined to excel, but will she have fun too? And most importantly...will she learn the true meaning of love and family?

Cael Lacey

Cael and Dan Lacey are not only brothers, but also best friends forever. The two of them could not be more different though: Dan just wants to have fun, and Cael wants to focus on his studies and become a renowned archeologist.

Finn Lacey

Finn Lacey, aspiring artist and emo bean, is ready to start his generation! Will he finally get over his teenage love with Coraline Swan? And what will his parents think of his lack of ambitions?

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Sixten Lacey

Who would have thought a hippie artist would have a daughter whose dream is to become a military officer? Six is ready to go to the Military Academy and excel at it. But will it be harder than expected? Hopefully Jo, her high school girlfriend, will help her navigate life!

Saith & Sev Lacey

A witch and a medium living together in a haunted house with their cousins? What could possibily go wrong here? Join Saith and Sev for the most chaotic generation to date!

Octavia Lacey

Tavi grew up in a far, far from the madding crowd, unaware of her origins, her powers and the Legacy. Her teenage years have also been marked by the greatest love story since Six & Jo...with a tragic ending. Will she be able to move on and find happiness?

Nova & Nimbus Lacey

Nova and Nimbus couldn't be more different: Nova was a teen pop idol who is quickly becoming a regular in Sim gossip magazines. Irresponsible and fun-loving she just wants to live her best life and never think of the consequences. Meanwhile, Nimbus is a responsible, family-oriented guy who aspires to be a chef and find love.--all while struggling with his own issues. Will the twins be able to overcome their differences when they really need each other?